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Reward Points Policy

Azany Reward Points Policy

1. Introduction

a. Azany, hereinafter referred to as "the Company," offers a reward points system to its customers in
b. The reward points can only be used with companies that have contracts with Azany.
c. The reward points cannot be redeemed for cash.

2. Earning Reward Points
a. Customers can earn reward points by making purchases from companies partnered with Azany.
b. The reward points earned will be credited to the customer's Azany account.

3. Deduction of Reward Points
a. In the event of a return or refund of a purchase made using reward points, the Company reserves
the right to deduct the corresponding reward points issued for that transaction.
b. The deduction will be made from the customer's Azany account.

4. Sharing Reward Points
a. Customers can share their reward points with friends and family members who also have a reward
account with Azany.
b. The sharing can be done through the Azany platform, following the designated process specified
by the Company.

5. Responsibility and Liability
a. The Company is not responsible for any loss or misuse of reward points shared with friends or

Azany Rewards is a loyalty program that offers customers the opportunity to earn points on every
purchase made on Azany's global platform. Here's how you can earn reward points:

1. Sign up: Create an account on Azany to become a part of the Rewards program. This will enable
you to start earning points from your very first purchase.

2. Add products to cart: Browse through Azany's wide range of products and add your desired items
to your shopping cart. Each purchase you make will contribute to your reward points.

3. Refer someone: Spread the word about Azany to your friends, family, or colleagues. When
someone you refer signs up and makes a purchase, you will earn additional reward points as a thank
you for your referral.

4. Get rewarded: As you accumulate reward points, you can redeem them for exciting rewards and
discounts on your future purchases. These rewards may include exclusive discounts, free shipping,
special promotions, or even complimentary products.
With Azany Rewards, shopping becomes even more rewarding. Start earning points today and enjoy
the benefits of being a loyal Azany customer.
With Azany Reward points, you have the flexibility to use them for a variety of purposes. Here are
some examples of what you can use your Azany Reward points for family members.
b. Customers are solely responsible for ensuring the security of their Azany accounts and the
reward points they possess.
c. The Company will not be liable for any unauthorized use of reward points.

6. Modification of Policy
a. The Company reserves the right to modify or amend this policy at any time without prior notice.
b. Customers will be notified of any changes to the policy through the Azany platform or other
communication channels deemed appropriate by the Company.

7. Governing Law
a. This policy shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Nigeria.

By using Azany's reward points system, customers acknowledge that they have read, understood, and agreed to comply with this policy.

Who We Are

At Azany, we believe that shopping should know no boundaries. We are dedicated to breaking down barriers and connecting people from all corners of the world through culture, community, and commerce. With our innovative multi-currency card and global reward point system, we aim to make international shopping as easy and enjoyable as shopping in your own neighborhood.

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